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Box Tops for Education


#1 –Clip Box Tops for Education Coupons
All you have to do is cut the little pink and white box with the Box Tops for Education logo out of various grocery items and turn them into the school office. Each box top is worth 10 cents with the exception of Super Box Tops and Bonus Box Tops which are worth more. Twice a year, the Box Top Coordinator for your school will mail all the coupons collected to General Mills who will then mail Norwood Junior High School a check. It’s that simple! So please, start cutting out those little coupons and turn them in.
The school greatly appreciates it! Can you imagine how many box tops we can collect if the whole school participates? Every little bit helps!
***Please be careful not to cut off the expiration dates.
#2 –Shop online at the Box Tops for Education Marketplace

Another great and easy way to earn cash for our school is through the Box Tops for Education Marketplace.

If you register on the website, you can do some of your online shopping from several different stores through the Marketplace which then donates a small percentage of your purchase price back to Norwood Junior High School.
If you are registered, log on to then click on the Marketplace tab on the top of the screen. You will then see a list of several different online stores that you can shop from. Some of these online stores include Target, Gap, Lands’ End, Old Navy, Oriental Trading Company, Barnes and Noble and many more. You’ll see percentage donations ranging from 1.5% up to 7.5% with special offers each month.
For more information, check out

***When registering online, you’ll need to indicate that you are participating with Norwood Junior High School at 4601 Norwood Ave., Sacramento, CA 95838 (916)566-2710.

Box Tops for education logo
Our school collects Box Tops for Education. Every Box Top that you turn in enables the school to earn cash for our school, which can be used to help purchase educational materials and other student activities! 

Drop off your box tops in the front office collection box.

Thank you!!!