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Norwood Junior High School Honors Agreement
Parents and guardians may request that their child participate in the Honors program at any time during the school year. As requests are processed, it is important to consider all of the data that the Twin Rivers Unified School District historically uses to make decisions placement decisions. This data includes:  Grades in the core subject classes, Achievement test data, and School/Teacher recommendation.
The following indicators of success are included to help parents/guardians in considering student placement in the honors program.
Indicators of Honors Level Course Success : (not all indicators will be present in successful Honors students)
  • Demonstrates interest /curiosity in the subject area
  • Previous attainment of prerequisite skills and vocabulary in the subject area
  • Motivation remains high in the face of challenges. (High Frustration threshold)
  • Engages in higher level critical thinking
  • Self-motivated, well organized, and apt to work independently for extended periods
  • Demonstrates ability to self-advocate, seeks help and guidance when needed
  • Consistently completes and submits assignments on time
  • Actively participates in class activities and discussions with appropriate peer interactions
  • Extends learning by voluntarily going beyond the parameters of the assignment
  • Enjoys learning, and makes connections between subjects and with the larger world
*To protect the integrity of the Honors program, there is a very strong expectation that students maintain a high GPA each quarter as a requirement for remaining in Honors Courses.
Students are also required to participate in ATS (Academic Talent Search) testing.
Please mark the requested Honors Classes for 2020-2021
Honors English/Social Studies                      Honors Math                      Honors Science
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